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Keeping Right Water Temperature in Aquarium

Just like human, fish also gets cold, just kidding :p However, I am telling the truth. Different types of fish have different preferred water temperature, and keeping them in lower or higher preferred temperature will affect their health and growth. Therefore, it is important that when you buy a new fish, make sure that you prepare an aquarium with appropriate water temperature for it. Make sure that you research what is the preferred temperature for the particular fish you have.


Sticker Thermometer

Thermometers are used in monitoring the temperature of the water. Aquarium thermometers now come in different types and shapes. There are digital, sticker-type, wall, and submersible thermometers. Wall or sticker thermometers are stuck on the wall while submersible thermometers are placed inside the tank and are hold by a suction cap.


Submersible Thermometer

When keeping several types of fishes in aquarium, check first if they share the same temperature preference. Keeping low temperature for fishes that prefer higher temperature will make them catch ich, fungus and other diseases. It will prevent them from growing too. On the other hand, keeping high level temperature for fish which prefer low temperature can also be lethal to them since when the water temperature level is higher than they required, there will be lacking of oxygen as warmer water depletes oxygen fast. So, when choosing fish to be mixed with others, one of the factors to be consider is their water temperature preferences.

Water Heater

Check constantly the water temperature with the thermometer.  If the temperature gets low, use aquarium heater to make the water warm, however if the water temperature gets high, increase the aeration of the oxygen and make sure your tank have a good filtration.