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Curious Discus

Just thought of taking a picture when I saw my discus fish lining up in front of the tank looking to the other side where my other discus fish pair are in.
So, here’s the picture:


What are you looking for, guys? Didn’t I just feed you? Hey, your getting same food as the others, don’t be so jealous… ­čÖé

Discus Fish Care


If you decide to keep a Discus Fish, make sure that you are not a newbie in aquarium fish keeping. Discus fish is considered as the king of all aquarium fish. Their grace, perfect round shape, flashy color, and tiny mouth make them the favorite of aquarium hobbyist.


Setting Up a Tank for Discus Fish

Discus fish are not aggressive so be careful of selecting other fish to join them. It is better to keep them from other kinds of fish.

Discus require a higher temperature water setting than most other tropical aquarium fish, somewhere around 28 degrees Celsius. The pH level is also critical and should be around the 7 range.  Constant change of water for at least 10% is advisable, they love fresh water. Poor water quality will affect their appetite.

Keeping Discus Healthy

Discus fish are prone to diseases, so make sure to constantly clean the tank and everything in there like filter and plants and gravels. Separate ill fish to avoid contamination to other Discus fish.