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Meal Time for My Parrot Fish

I have three parrot fish for more than a year and they are with gourami, silver dollar, and rainbow shark. These fishes don’t fight with others other than their own specie so they really get along well.
image image
Feeding them is fun too as the parrot fish would jump as soon as the food pellets hit the water while the smaller fishes wait for these pellets to sink. I give them two kinds of food, one is bigger for parrot fish and a smaller one for gourami and silver dollar, though parrot fish also eat them.
image image
It’s fun watching them eat and I always try to take pictures of them but they move so fast that the snaps are usually blurry but I got some lucky shots.

Why You Have to Make Your Own Aquarium Tank

My newly made aquarium tank

What has prompt me to make my own aquarium? I will give you three reasons why I made my own and why you also have to make your own aquarium tank.

First is the cost of the commercially sold tanks. To buy my first small tank, I have to canvass from several aquarium shops how much the cost of the tanks is, and compare their prices. I noticed that there are shops that the price of the tanks is sky-high while others promise an invisible tank at low price and you have to wait forever before you could hold on to your tank. When I made my tank, I was able to save a lot and was able to put the savings into a better quality glass instead.

Secondly, the size of the tank does not fit onto your table, or door, or your tinnie-weenie place. One of the advantages of making your own aquarium tank is that you can customized the width, theĀ length, and the height of your tank according to the place where you plan to put it. When I bought my second aquarium, I had to search in many places just to get a table that is big enough to fit on it, and strong enough to hold it specially where I put water in it. Making your own aquarium tank will give you the opportunity to calculate what size of tank you have to make as per your table capacity. It is important that the table is strong enough to hold the glass tank and the water, if not, it will end up a disaster.

And lastly, the “I made it” title award. You may laugh at me when I said this, but it’s true, you have the right to boast to your father and mother, and to your friends and to whoever see your aquarium. It is an accomplishment! When I made my first tank, it wasn’t big but there was that sense of accomplishment, and I immediately phoned my parents and told them that I made an aquarium tank hahaha… After that, I aimed for the bigger tank, and just few days ago, I made that. Now, that tank is the house of two blood parrot fish, two red devil fish, and three blue gourami.

On my next post, I will show how I made my second aquarium. Watch out for it! Till then…