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Goldfish Needs Air!


I noticed twice or thrice that my goldfishes and silver carps positioned themselves on top of the tank. If this happen to your goldfish, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is clean the filter of your tank and change some water. Cleaning the tank from fish poops is a must too.¬†Goldfishes and carps and any other fishes need oxygen, so make sure that there’s a lot of bubble in your tank.

I use submersible filters which create bubbles too, so I don’t use air pump aside from the discus fish tank. With this kind of filter, you’ll be saved from the noise that the air pump makes, and from an extra power cost too. However, if you are using filters like the hanging filter, you will need air pump and bubble stone.

I Want Gold Fish!

gold fish

Well, when we say we want aquarium, we basically thought of getting a fishbowl and a goldfish inside, just like what we saw on TV or in movies, or in cute cartoon movies, but actually gold fish should not be put in fish bowl!

If you really wanted to get a gold fish as your pet, make sure that you know how to take care of it first before getting one.


Make sure you get a big tank. Gold fish may look good in a fish bowl but they do not really live in a fish bowl. Gold fish grows big so make sure you have big size tank. Keep even temperature and lighting. Gold fish has sensitive eyes because they do not have eyelids so they can go blind or literally drop their eyes, so do not switch the lights on and off frequently. Put some artificial plants too, this will serve as their hiding place. Keep water clean by putting filter. Gold fish tend to make the water dirty fast, so make sure your tank has good water filtration system.


Goldfish eats almost everything, as in everything, so do not overfeed. Remove uneaten food after few minutes to prevent from polluting the water.

Goldfish are gentle and sensitive, so keep them away from noise and movements.

There you are, now you are ready to have a gold fish of your own. By the way, there are so many varieties of gold fish, so research about them first to decide which one is your pick.