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Lets start fishkeeping

Hi friends let starts fish keeping 🙂

I will provide you some info to help you to start this hobby.

Maintain your Filter

Choosing a right filter is very important things, but for beginners you can start with a simple internal biological filer,price is lesser than other and excellent filter they are ,the filteration takes place biologically by forming colony of good denitrifying  bacteria inside it.

Clean the filter in 3-4 weeks, depending on the no of fishes you have,don’t put the sponge directly in running water, just slowing rinse with hand so that accumulated big particles can be removed.

Maintain water quality:

You should understand water quality is most important thing to maintain aquarium. There are many factors can be used to identify the quality of the water.

  1. Ph value
  2. Nitrite content
  3. Good bacteria ,i.e de nitrifying bacteria

There are many PH indicators available in the market ,it might be a handheld device or simple PH testing kits ,similarly Nitrite content can be checked by testing kits.

There should be required amount of Denitrifying bacteria which controls the nitrogen level automatically ,to have a proper quantity of bacteria ,you should do a nitrogen cycle of a new aquarium before keeping fish into it.There is other way too,from aquarium should Bacteria liquid can be purchased  ,just applying few drops is enough,follow the instructions from the pack.

You can weekly change 10% of water or more depending on the type of fish and type of filter you have.

Changing lots of water at a time is very risky, because it will reduce the amount of good bacteria immediately which is very bad for aquarium and the temperature also may go down drastically which is also risky for fish.

Maintaining the Plants:
Plants is very useful to control water quality,O2,CO2 balance, giving a hiding place and obviously it increases the beauty of the aquarium 🙂
Although it looks good maintaining it is little difficult, anyway in this way getting beauty is always difficult 🙂
You need to have proper lighting and adequate amount of CO2 too!
Avoid keeping rotten leaves, they make water more poisonous.
Happy fish keeping, the post is very small guideline but drop a msg to this post if you need any specific suggestion.