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More Fish @ Mathsya Mela 2011 in Bangalore

Different aquarium fish and more than hundred varieties will be the star of the Mathsya Mela 2011 to be held on Friday, February18 until February 21 at the Tripura Vasini, the Palace Grounds, here in Bangalore. Everybody is invited, the admission is free!

Stalls displaying different fisheries-related products and aquarium fish will be part of the event. Aside from that, a food court will cater to seafood lovers with different varieties of sea and freshwater fish. There will be also chefs who will share fish recipes.

This event is organized by the Department of Fisheries along with the National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad.

I’m kind of excited of this fish exhibit because I am going to build a new aquarium today, so if I’ll be lucky, I may get good aquarium fish from the Mathsya Mela.  I’ll update you guys if I will be able to attend the exhibit.