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My First Aquarium

FishBowlMy first aquarium wasn’t a real aquarium, it was a small cage, “Fish Bowl”!
I wanted to have an aquarium since childhood, and at the age of 27 I decided to fulfill my wish, I went to aquarium shop and looked for a cheapest solution, answer was fish bowl, (do I have to mention it was the smallest bowl available in the shop?).
Then I asked the shop owner on what should be right fish for the bowl, tough question indeed! Given an opportunity, a new born fry also might try to jump out of that! But the owner wanted to sell his bowl and some fishes too, so he pointed to me the two small fish. I asked what was the name of the fishes and he said it was a Balloon fish. “Oh,ok”, I pretended I know so much, so I chose one small white & black so called “Balloon Fish”. I went home and gave them name immediately, Jack(Black) and Jill (White), even I didn’t know about their gender, but later I discovered the naming was perfect, after all I was expert,said “Oh,Ok” to the owner when he said a wrong name for the fish 😉
You have already discovered that I was a novice that time , so I shouldn’t pretend anymore as an expert from now on…..
I started doing research on the net searching balloon fish, and I found out that they are actually molly fish. Now, I found out what they eat, what they don’t (actually whatever you put in front of them, they eat). So I understood that internet was really a great source of information about fish,just google fish’s fictious name given by shop owner and check images in google.
Now I started feeding them, just keep putting food they never stop eating! I didn’t have idea about over feeding.

Few days after Jill gave birth, she was pregnant before I think.
I saw some small tadpole kind of things were floating over the bowl, so I checked closely and found that those were small fry, I didn’t have any idea before that fish could give birth directly instead of laying eggs.
Now because of no oxygen, filter, over feeding and a small cage Jill died!
I separated the kids before, and only very few survived.
By that time I realised the bowl is useless, a killing machine for any fish, nazi gas chamber! So I bought a real aquarium at last, it was small too but enough to fit oxygen pumps, filter, lights, and a life saving cover (for jumping jumping fish).
I moved Jack and later when small kids grew up I moved them there too. From here I started my real fishkeeping hobby!