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My First Fish: Balloon Molly

When I bought my first-ever aquarium fish, I did not know what was the name and what kind of fish are they. The aquarium shop owner told me it was a balloon fish. Immediately after coming back from home, I inquired on the net what kind of fish I got. Then from there, I knew that Jack and Jill, the name of my first pair of fish, are actually molly fish, a balloon molly fish particularly.

Molly has different kinds of variety. The names usually describe their appearance. My first fish have bellies like pot and balloon. They are short and chubby. Maybe for these reasons they are called balloon molly.


The Balloon Molly is a hybrid variation of Poecilia latipinna,the Sailfin Molly. The Balloon Molly has an arched back and a rounded, large belly.  Color varieties include a combination of black, yellow, and white.

My first mollies were white (Jill) and black (Jack). Unfortunately, after Jill gave birth, she passed away, and then after several weeks, Jack followed. However, these two balloon mollies were the start of my aquarium hobby which is now consisted of more than 10 varieties of fish and three aquariums.

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