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New Aquarium Ready

On the day of the Mathsya Mela 2011, I also readied my new aquarium which I built a day ago. I already changed the water which I put to remove the silicone smell and I also put some old water from my other aquarium to grow bacteria on the new water. I also put the top filter which I bought from Kolkata and the heater to keep the water temperature suitable to the fish.

I bought several artificial plants, black sands, and stones in the fish festival market. I did not buy aquarium fish in the Mathsya Mela because I already have a fish in mind. If you would remember, I posted here about the fish that I dream (lol). The fish that I had in mind is the Blood Parrot fish which I saw in the aquarium shop nearby my house. There is one blood parrot fish which has a black line on the mouth that looks like a black lipstick. It is a natural color unlike the artificially-colored blood parrot fish.

Check out my newly-built aquarium decorated with the artificial plants I bought from the fish festival event.

I will post more of the pictures from the Mathsya Mela here, specially the different kinds of fish I saw there. I am still sorting them out. For the meantime, you can read more about My Mathsya Mela experience.