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Tell me how many….

Tell me how many?
Isn’t the question came to mind last time while purchasing fish in shop.
Yes,it might come to your mind if it never came then you and fishes are in danger ;-).

There are couple of theorems which help one to identify how many fishes his aquarium can house.
But before that you should understand what is your requirement….
1. Keeping the fish for selling,don’t want growth in the fish
2. you want keep the fish for yourself,not for sell,you want your fish to live long in “your aquarium” and grow normally.

My this post is for people who are following reason 2.
People following reason 1 don’t have to bother much,they can keep 100 + large fishes in small aquarium in a small tank hoping people like me(follower of reason 2) come soon and free the fish for suffocation.

If your planning to buy a aquarium or build an aquarium then you are lucky because you can plan accordingly after reading this article,you can still have option to choose bigger and more bigger aquarium to fulfill your requirement but people who already have aquarium,they have to be careful and take steps rightfully.

First check what’s the volumn of your tank.

Simple calculation can give you the answer.

Length,Width,Height all are in inch.

Capacity in Gallon = (Length x Width x Height) / 231

Liter = Capacity in Gallon *3.7854

Now Height is real height,when you fill water you don’t fill till the extreme top,keep that in mind 🙂

While considering Length and Width,consider the glass thickness for actual value,I mean all the calculation should take place with the help of aquarium interior’s value,consider substrate/clay,gravel/sand etc whatever you are putting into the bottom of the tank,it will change the height of the water level but now the water quantity.

Now you have water quantity in your aquarium now follow thumb rule of  calculating max no of allowed fish in aquarium.

Yes,it’s very old well known rule “One Inch Per Gallon Rule”,for one inch size of fish there should be one gallon water available.

But here you will have to use common sense,don’t follow the rule directly by closing your eyes,definitely one inch length Gourami won’t generate same amount of waste as a one inch length Gold fish does.You will have to consider the volume instead for better approximation.

Now think about growth,now the fish which is 1 inch cube body size,may not be 1 inch cube after few years,after all that’s what you want,seeing your fish growing big and becoming more beautiful,so do a research about the size of adult fish & leave extra space considering the future.

Ok,that’s all for today,see you soon,keep reading blog,and if you wanna share your experience or funda to other register here and start posting.

Note: By the way whatever I said in the above,was the maximum space,if from my calculation you find each of your fish need 4 gallon when then grow big then give him 5 gallon instead,after who doesn’t want to have more space,bigger bedroom or dining room or kitchen or toilet,hahahaha,Best of luck,let me know if you need more info.



Why You Have to Make Your Own Aquarium Tank

My newly made aquarium tank

What has prompt me to make my own aquarium? I will give you three reasons why I made my own and why you also have to make your own aquarium tank.

First is the cost of the commercially sold tanks. To buy my first small tank, I have to canvass from several aquarium shops how much the cost of the tanks is, and compare their prices. I noticed that there are shops that the price of the tanks is sky-high while others promise an invisible tank at low price and you have to wait forever before you could hold on to your tank. When I made my tank, I was able to save a lot and was able to put the savings into a better quality glass instead.

Secondly, the size of the tank does not fit onto your table, or door, or your tinnie-weenie place. One of the advantages of making your own aquarium tank is that you can customized the width, the length, and the height of your tank according to the place where you plan to put it. When I bought my second aquarium, I had to search in many places just to get a table that is big enough to fit on it, and strong enough to hold it specially where I put water in it. Making your own aquarium tank will give you the opportunity to calculate what size of tank you have to make as per your table capacity. It is important that the table is strong enough to hold the glass tank and the water, if not, it will end up a disaster.

And lastly, the “I made it” title award. You may laugh at me when I said this, but it’s true, you have the right to boast to your father and mother, and to your friends and to whoever see your aquarium. It is an accomplishment! When I made my first tank, it wasn’t big but there was that sense of accomplishment, and I immediately phoned my parents and told them that I made an aquarium tank hahaha… After that, I aimed for the bigger tank, and just few days ago, I made that. Now, that tank is the house of two blood parrot fish, two red devil fish, and three blue gourami.

On my next post, I will show how I made my second aquarium. Watch out for it! Till then…