Petting a Tortoise

tortoise-pet tortoise

A friend of mine who also has a couple of aquariums got a tortoise. He got it really small and kept in a small tank. It looks so cute and a very voracious eater. Keeping a tortoise is basically easy. A tortoise, unlike turtles, live in dry land and although it enjoys water, it doesn’t live in water.

If you like to keep a tortoise as a pet, below are some tips on how:

1. Prepare a big tank fitted with a bulb to keep the tortoise warm.

2. Place a bowl of water in the tank where the tortoise can drink, play, and take a bath.

3. Add some gravels and wood.

4. Tortoise eats leafy vegetables like lettuce and weeds, fruits like apples and carrots. Baby tortoise eats a lot so feed always.

5. Change the water regularly.

6. Take the tortoise to the vet regularly.

7. Research about the specie you got. Not all tortoise are the same.

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