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Petting a Tortoise

tortoise-pet tortoise

A friend of mine who also has a couple of aquariums got a tortoise. He got it really small and kept in a small tank. It looks so cute and a very voracious eater. Keeping a tortoise is basically easy. A tortoise, unlike turtles, live in dry land and although it enjoys water, it doesn’t live in water.

If you like to keep a tortoise as a pet, below are some tips on how:

1. Prepare a big tank fitted with a bulb to keep the tortoise warm.

2. Place a bowl of water in the tank where the tortoise can drink, play, and take a bath.

3. Add some gravels and wood.

4. Tortoise eats leafy vegetables like lettuce and weeds, fruits like apples and carrots. Baby tortoise eats a lot so feed always.

5. Change the water regularly.

6. Take the tortoise to the vet regularly.

7. Research about the specie you got. Not all tortoise are the same.

Meal Time for My Parrot Fish

I have three parrot fish for more than a year and they are with gourami, silver dollar, and rainbow shark. These fishes don’t fight with others other than their own specie so they really get along well.
image image
Feeding them is fun too as the parrot fish would jump as soon as the food pellets hit the water while the smaller fishes wait for these pellets to sink. I give them two kinds of food, one is bigger for parrot fish and a smaller one for gourami and silver dollar, though parrot fish also eat them.
image image
It’s fun watching them eat and I always try to take pictures of them but they move so fast that the snaps are usually blurry but I got some lucky shots.