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Planted Aquarium Care


Just like planning for a regular aquarium, planted aquarium needs research and preparation. Planted aquariums are often times preferred by hobbyists for its cool greenery.

Choosing Plants

Remember that not all plants can be put in the aquarium, only aquatic plants. Some plants require more lights and more CO2, so if you want to save on the lights, choose plants that require less light. Some of the aquatic plants are Ceratopteris thalictroides (Water Sprite), Hygrophilla angustifolia (Willow Leaf Hygrophilla), Hygrophilla difformis (Water Wisteria), Hygrophilla polysperma (Small Leafed Hygrophilla), Vesicularia dubyana (Java Moss).



Some plants do well with the normal aquarium lights but some plants need more lights. So do research on the type of the plant you have to know the light requirement. Also, avoid tall aquariums as light cannot penetrate easily in the tall aquariums.

Substrate and Water

Some plants can do well with aquarium soil and clay while others need woods. Some substrates provides nutrients to the plants.

Most of the planted aquariums can do fine with the normal tap water however check your water’s quality and hardness. For most plants, the water should not be harder than KH 8, the phosphate levels should be under 0.5 mg/L and the nitrate levels should not exceed 10 mg/L.


Fish for Planted Aquarium

What is planted aquarium when there is no fish. Though you cannot keep most of the fish species in the planted aquariums, there are some schooling fish that are best for planted aquariums. Some of them are: Cardinal Tetras (P. axelrodi), Rummynose Tetras (H. rhodostomus), Green Neon (P. simulans), Red Phantom Tetra (M. sweglesi), Tube-mouthed Pencilfish (N. eques), and Silver Hatchetfish, Marbled Hatchetfish (G. sternicla and C. strigata).