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Petting a Tortoise

tortoise-pet tortoise

A friend of mine who also has a couple of aquariums got a tortoise. He got it really small and kept in a small tank. It looks so cute and a very voracious eater. Keeping a tortoise is basically easy. A tortoise, unlike turtles, live in dry land and although it enjoys water, it doesn’t live in water.

If you like to keep a tortoise as a pet, below are some tips on how:

1. Prepare a big tank fitted with a bulb to keep the tortoise warm.

2. Place a bowl of water in the tank where the tortoise can drink, play, and take a bath.

3. Add some gravels and wood.

4. Tortoise eats leafy vegetables like lettuce and weeds, fruits like apples and carrots. Baby tortoise eats a lot so feed always.

5. Change the water regularly.

6. Take the tortoise to the vet regularly.

7. Research about the specie you got. Not all tortoise are the same.

Food for Fish Fries


Newly born fish are very tiny and they have a very small mouth. They cannot eat the same fish food you regularly give to your grown fish, so it is important to know what the appropriate food for fish fries.

1. Brine Shrimp:

Brine Shrimp is the best food fish fries. You can find Brine Shrimp eggs in aquarium shops, if it’s plain egg then take a teaspoon of egg, put them into small empty aquarium or use one liter plastic bottle instead, add one teaspoon of non-iodized salt, now add water and use an air pump for aeration, set the temperature around 26-27C, if you have purchased a brine shrimp egg mix then you don’t have to salt in that; within 24-48 hrs, eggs will hatch and you can feed your fish fries with those.

2. Prepared Mixes:

In aquarium store, you may find ready made food for fries, it’s easy to use but the only problem is that the leftover food may cloud your water, you can’t separate them easily because a filter won’t be in an aquarium with the fries.

3. Infusoria:

Infusoria is basically microorganisms that are present in water. Normally, it can be found in pond water, you can culture it easily.
In an empty tank, add some old aquarium water or water from a pond, add some potato and lettuce in that, then place it in the sunlight. The bacteria will increase in the water. It will be cloudy & Infusoria feed on bacteria which will result in the increase of the amount of Infusoria and slowly the water will be cleared in few days. Now you can use that water into your fries aquarium,  the only risk it has is that sometimes the water becomes poisonous because of some unwanted microorganisms.