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Flowerhorn Fish Care


Every time I visit aquarium shops, I always wanted to get a flowerhorn fish for myself. The big humps on their head and their colorful bodies make me want to be an owner of one. However, what keeps me from getting one for myself is the lack of space for the flowerhorn in my aquarium.

Flowerhorn fish must be kept in a big tank as they can become so big. Most of the time, the flowerhorn is kept alone. The tank must be big and fake plants can be used to imitate flowerhorn’s natural habitat. Fake plants are preferable than real plants because they are easier to maintain and are less pollutants.

Flowerhorn fish’s ideal water is warm (around 80 F), ¬†soft, and has neutral PH.

Flowerhorn fish is not a picky eater, so any fish food is appropriate. Live small fish is ideal food but pellets must be satisfying too. It is important to change the food once in a while so that the fish will not be bored.

For any kinds of fish, proper water filtration and oxygen circulation are important, flowerhorn is no difference. Oxygen pumps and filtration systems must be part of the tank to keep the water quality good.

The picture of flowerhorn above was taken during the Mathsya Mela 2011 in Bangalore. During the fish mela, there were many flowerhorn fish for sale.