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Meal Time for My Parrot Fish

I have three parrot fish for more than a year and they are with gourami, silver dollar, and rainbow shark. These fishes don’t fight with others other than their own specie so they really get along well.
image image
Feeding them is fun too as the parrot fish would jump as soon as the food pellets hit the water while the smaller fishes wait for these pellets to sink. I give them two kinds of food, one is bigger for parrot fish and a smaller one for gourami and silver dollar, though parrot fish also eat them.
image image
It’s fun watching them eat and I always try to take pictures of them but they move so fast that the snaps are usually blurry but I got some lucky shots.

Watch Fighting Barbs

tiger barb green barb

I was looking at the videos I took several months ago in my aquariums and I found some really funny and interesting life of a fish. This video is a fight between Tiger Barb and Green Barb. Usually, they get along but sometimes, I think when they are bored, they try to do things fun, well, just like fight :p

One thing that’s interesting and very unlike to humans is that when they fight, there are no spectators. The other fishes in the aquarium just mid their own business (like the molly in the video, tell me what’s her business? :p). Anyways, enough of blah..blah..blah.. watch it 🙂