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Feeding Your Fish While You’re Away

The common dilemma of aquarium owners when going on a trip or a holiday is how to feed the fish when no one is around. Unless you have a very reliable neighbor or a responsible friend who can diligently come to your house and feed your fish one or twice a day without fail, then you will need a way to go on a trip but still not having your fish die of hunger since you cannot pack your aquarium with you for a holiday. I know this very well since I had been in this situation before, I even canceled one of my trips just because I didn’t want my fish to go hungry. Well, that was in my early days of aquarium-keeping, now it isn’t the case as I have found ways of feeding my fishes even when I’m away.

1. Holiday Fish Food Tablet

This tablet can last from 7 days to 15 days depending on the size. The tablet must be placed near the oxygen stone to gradually disperse the food. What I like about fish food tablet is that it doesn’t pollute the water. I used tablets when I had small fishes like goldfish, tetras, and mollies. When choosing the fish food tablet, make sure that it is a trusted brand because there are many low-quality brands and worse, imitations.


2. Automatic Fish Feeder

This machine is attached to the aquarium and is battery operated. It can be programmed on when the food will disperse. The compartment for the fish food rotates when the timer sets off and the food fell from the opening of the compartment. The automatic fish feeder is not only good to use when you’re on a holiday but also if you’re too busy or forgetful. However, the point of keeping an aquarium is to have a fish to feed to, to spend a quality time with, and release stress, so if the automatic fish feeder is doing the feeding of your fish, then you are losing the benefit of keeping a fish.


So now, whether you have a fish bowl or big fish tank like mine, actually, 3 of them, you do not need to worry whenever you have to be on a trip and nobody is at home to tend to your beloved Nemo.

Tiger Barb and Green Barb

tiger barb green barb

My Tiger Barb and Green Barb

In my early stage of keeping fish aquariums, one of the fishes that I like was Barbs. They have different varieties and personalities. They are very active and actually aggressive specially to smaller, weaker fish. They tend to fight always even with their own variety.

Though they are aggressive, you can’t resist loving them. If fed properly, their colors become so bright and defined. It is a must to have a good quality of water and right level of pH so keep them healthy. They are not choosy when it comes to food but they eat happily with Tetra Bits.

Barbs fish are hardy fish; they seldom get sick nor get affected by parasites. In my experience, I they tend to become  quiet if the water becomes dirty, so just changing the water will make them cheerful again. My barbs are with other community fish like mollies, tetras, silver dollar, and  guppies.