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Meal Time for My Parrot Fish

I have three parrot fish for more than a year and they are with gourami, silver dollar, and rainbow shark. These fishes don’t fight with others other than their own specie so they really get along well.
image image
Feeding them is fun too as the parrot fish would jump as soon as the food pellets hit the water while the smaller fishes wait for these pellets to sink. I give them two kinds of food, one is bigger for parrot fish and a smaller one for gourami and silver dollar, though parrot fish also eat them.
image image
It’s fun watching them eat and I always try to take pictures of them but they move so fast that the snaps are usually blurry but I got some lucky shots.

Rainbow Shark Care


Rainbow Shark or Red fin shark, Ruby shark, Red Shark is known for its 2 pairs of sensitive barbells beside the mouth which are used to search for food. Rainbow shark has also different shade of body ranging from brown, blue, gray, or black with it’s famous red fins.

Rainbow Sharks feed on the leftover food that are mostly found in the bottom of the tank so with them, you are sure that your tank is  always clean.

 Rainbow Shark Care

Rainbow Sharks cannot eat pellets, they rely on the left over food by its tank mates. These food are usually powdered or crushed by other fish.

Rainbow Shark is aggressive towards another Rainbow Shark so keeping a couple is not really advisable. It is semi-aggressive to other fish but usually can be kept with most aquarium fishes.

The Rainbow shark needs at least 55 gallon tank size and with rocks, shades, plants. It needs hiding place.  The water temperature should be between 24 -27 degrees Celsius.

Rainbow Shark Breeding

Since Rainbow sharks are aggressive towards each other, breeding is difficult and with low result.

My rainbow shark has been to all the tanks. It has been the tank mate of molly, guppies, cichlids, parrot fish, and others. He always keeps my tank clean 🙂