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Tiger Barb and Green Barb

tiger barb green barb

My Tiger Barb and Green Barb

In my early stage of keeping fish aquariums, one of the fishes that I like was Barbs. They have different varieties and personalities. They are very active and actually aggressive specially to smaller, weaker fish. They tend to fight always even with their own variety.

Though they are aggressive, you can’t resist loving them. If fed properly, their colors become so bright and defined. It is a must to have a good quality of water and right level of pH so keep them healthy. They are not choosy when it comes to food but they eat happily with Tetra Bits.

Barbs fish are hardy fish; they seldom get sick nor get affected by parasites. In my experience, I they tend to become  quiet if the water becomes dirty, so just changing the water will make them cheerful again. My barbs are with other community fish like mollies, tetras, silver dollar, and  guppies.

Finally, a Discus Pair Breeding!

Recently, there has been an exciting event in my discus aquarium. Why do you think these guys are looking on the other side of the aquarium?


Well, as I’ve said, a recent event made move these discus to the other side where red devil fish used to stay and unfortunately, the red devil fish has to move to my extra smaller tank. I can’t believe that after months of having discus fishes, I finally got a pair!

It is an odd pair, a red-spider discus and a red melon discus, but I am just happy to finally confirm that I have a discus pair. I was ecstatic to find eggs sticking on the wall of the tank. I am not sure if they will be hatched considering that they are not in a proper breeding cone but still I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Below is a parent which is taking care of the eggs.