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Red Melon Discus Fish

discusfish-red-lemon-discus discusfish-red-lemon-discus01

I have several discus fishes in my tank. I got them when they were just few centimeters big but now, they’ve grown big. Two of them are red melon discus. They really have this lovely, bright red-orange color. I think they are now 4 inches big.

Goldfish Needs Air!


I noticed twice or thrice that my goldfishes and silver carps positioned themselves on top of the tank. If this happen to your goldfish, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is clean the filter of your tank and change some water. Cleaning the tank from fish poops is a must too.¬†Goldfishes and carps and any other fishes need oxygen, so make sure that there’s a lot of bubble in your tank.

I use submersible filters which create bubbles too, so I don’t use air pump aside from the discus fish tank. With this kind of filter, you’ll be saved from the noise that the air pump makes, and from an extra power cost too. However, if you are using filters like the hanging filter, you will need air pump and bubble stone.