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Black Water for Aquarium


Ocean Free Super Natural Black Water

Black water is an additives or supplements for fish which live in soft water aquariums. Soft water has low minerals and by adding black water, it helps improve the quality of the water with added elements such as calcium and magnesium. Black water also helps lower the water pH as soft water has a strong tendency of pH instability.

Where to Buy

Black water extract can be bought in aquarium shops. They come in bottles in different brands and bottle sizes. Experienced aquarists make their own black water by using driftwood, leaves, peat moss, and a variety of other natural substances to extract a substance called tannins.

How to Use

Black water is added to the water in aquarium after every changing of water.


RB Aquarium Series Superior Black Water

For my aquariums, I used before the Ocean Free Super Natural Black Water especially for my discus fish. The lights in my aquariums seem so bright and adding black water makes it dimmer which is good for fish. Right now, I am using R.B. Aquarium Series Superior Black Water.


Three is a Crowd?

The beauty of keeping an aquarium is that your fishes will give you some surprises from time to time like this one which I captured with my camera.


The three fishes are a big and a small parrot fish and a red devil.  I usually switch off the light after feeding them, so when I switched on the lights, I saw that these three fishes were sleeping together. So, is three a crowd? For these fishes, I don’t think so 🙂