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Planning for Marine Aquarium?

When we say that we want a decorative fish aquarium, we have actually two choices, the freshwater aquarium and the marine aquarium.

marine aquarium tank

Most of aquarists have freshwater aquariums because it is cheaper and easier to maintain, however there are also an increasing number of aquarists who keep marine aquarium because they have this exotic and exceptional beauty that you cannot find in freshwater aquarium. I, for example, would like to build my own marine aquarium, but that plan has to be shelved for now.

Marine aquarium has salt water and corals, live corals. The fishes are also different, those are the fishes that can be found in the ocean. Maintenance of marine aquarium is quite difficult because there are many things that need attention. The very good marine aquarium should be at least like the settings in the sea. So, it’s very important to know the right salinity of the water, temperature, nitrite, corals, stones, and water quality.

One thing which I like with marine aquariums is that the marine fishes are more colorful compared to freshwater fishes, and of course they are rarer. Well, they are more expensive too.

So, if you want a marine fish aquarium in your place, make sure you are not beginner in fish keeping, it is very important to be experienced unless you would ask for the aquarists/pet store  service, which is no fun.

Red Spiky Starfish


This picture of red and white spiky starfish is taken last time I went to Mathsya Mela. There were so many amazing and beautiful sea and water creatures and among them is this red and white spiky starfish. I actually do not know the official name and I tried to search for it but got no answer too. I’ll try to search more and will update here if I got it.